23 February 2009

I have so much to do today. And yet, here I sit, finding blogs to read whilst telling myself that I should read them because they're my friends and I love reading what they write and they read my crap so it's only common courtesy, right?
It's not at all about being mildly tired and not wanting to think about stuff that I have to do.
I know what I want to do; I suddenly am FED the fuck UP with my house. We live in a charming little cottage, built in 1941 with all the amenities available at that time. (read: nothing.) It's tiny. It's dampish. The basement is only half finished and we only have one bathroom. We're crammed in here, the three of us, sharing less than 1000 square feet of space with a great Dane, a Dachshund, three supremely annoying cats, and three rabbits and their cages. And shit. Lots and lots of shit. We brought a lot of this shit with us from our old house, which was twice as large. We fell in love with this little charming house and were convinced that it would be easy to live a simpler life, with less stuff.
Five years later, we are overwhelmed with stuff. Of course, it's stuff and not shit. Or has been up to now. Now it's starting to feel more like shit. Overwhelming shit. And even more overwhelming is that I've been having a hard time deciding where to start clearing shit out. Is the laundry room (where no one but I ever tread) more important to clear out than, say, the den because the laundry room's shit is actually starting to overflow and the den is just cluttered? Or do I start on the den because it's where we spend more time and other people can see it?

The mind boggles and runs circles, chasing it's tail until it's so confused it just plops down and ignores the shit to read blogs.

A drawer. That's it. I'm cleaning out a drawer today.
Baby steps.


  1. I saw start with a garbage bag and throw or give away everything. I do that about every six months. It is so liberating!


  2. Start with yourself. Clear out your own excess baggage. Throw away all the hinderences you have over your life - not your life itself, but the 'ideas' of what hinders you.

    You can't clean out the house until you clean out your own mind and images of clutter it has.

    Yes. Start with that one. The one you just had reading this.

  3. When in doubt, throw it out.

    That's what I say, until it's applied to my stuff. Then I say, Hey I needed that!

  4. Ashley: Yeah, I got started on that, really good feeling...and now there are three garbage bags sitting at the bottom of my stairs. :)

    Pea: Ok. On it. At this rate my house will overflow, you know.

    Grayacre: Yes. So many times, I've had something sit in a closet/cupboard/drawer/middle of the room and not get used for a year. I throw it away. A week later, I really really need it and go buy another one.

  5. Note to self 3 + months later:
    House still full. Did sell 3 large items and move bunnies outside. Dachshund peeing, one cat peeing. Might ban both from inside.
    You can do this. You feel better now. You can do this. One thing at a time. Now go clean out a drawer and fold some laundry.